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Ranking 2013 – September 15

Call it the calm before the Oscar-bait storm.

With reports of greatness coming out of TIFF, promising a very heavy slate of awards season contenders, the last two weeks were a good time to catch up on the year’s lesser releases … and lesser they were.  Of the nine titles I watched (bringing my total 2013 US release to 71), only one barely cracked the Top 20.  Oh, and there is a new worst-of-em-all.  I don’t know why it still surprises me that there is always a worse film somewhere.

New films watched (with reviews linked):

Here is full list of the ScribeHard on Film ranking of US releases for 2013.  Titles with reviews have images.

1) The Way Way Back (ScribeHard on Film)

The Way Way Back Sam Rockwell Liam James Maya Rudolph Nat Faxon LTBX

2) 20 Feet From Stardom (ScribeHard on Film)

20 Feet From Stardom 6 Lisa Fischer LTBX

3) The Place Beyond the Pines (ScribeHard on Film)

The Place Beyond the Pines Ryan Gosling LTBX

4) Mud (ScribeHard on Film)

Mud Matthew McConaughey LTBX

5) Blue Jasmine (ScribeHard on Film)

Blue Jasmine Cate Blanchett Shower LTBX

6) Frances Ha (ScribeHard on Film)

Frances Ha Greta Gerwig Bathtub LTBX

7) Deceptive Practice: The Mysteries and Mentors of Ricky Jay (Cinema Sentries)

Deceptive Practice Ricky Jay LTBX

8) Stoker (ScribeHard on Film)

Stoker Nicole Kidman LTBX

9) Iron Man 3 (ScribeHard on Film)

Iron Man 3 Tony Stark Robert Downey Jr LTBX

10) The Conjuring (ScribeHard on Film)

Conjuring Vera Farmiga LTBX

11) Upstream Color

12) The Wolverine (ScribeHard on Film)

Wolverine Hugh Jackman LTBX

13) Starbuck (DVD Verdict)

Starbuck Patrick Huard LTBX

14) World War Z (ScribeHard on Film)

World War Z Brad Pitt Rain LTBX

15) Trance (ScribeHard on Film)

Trance James McAvoy Rosario Dawson LTBX

16) Quartet

17) New World (DVD Verdict)

New World Korean Movie LTBX

18) The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec (DVD Verdict)

Adele Blanc-Sec LTBX

19) The World Before Her (DVD Verdict)

The World Before Her LTBX

20) The Heat

21) Shadow Dancer (Cinema Sentries)

Shadow Dancer Andrea Riseborough LTBX

22) Sound City

23) Behind the Candelabra

24) The Purge

25) Lee Daniels’ The Butler (ScribeHard on Film)

Lee Daniels The Butler Forrest Whitaker 2 LTBX

26) Oblivion

27) The Iceman (DVD Verdict)

The Iceman LTBX

28) The Great Gatsby

29) The Bling Ring (ScribeHard on Film)

Bling Ring Emma Watson LTBX

30) Mama

31) 42 (ScribeHard on Film)

42 film Jackie Robinson Branch Rickey LTBX

32) Warm Bodies

33) Red 2

34) Now You See Me (DVD Verdict)

Now You See Me Four Horsemen LTBX

35) The Gangster (Coming Soon to DVD Verdict)

The Gangster LTBX

36) A Company Man (DVD Verdict)

A Company Man LTBX

37) Spring Breakers

38) Stories We Tell

39) Lovelace

40) The Sapphires

41) The Company You Keep (DVD Verdict)

The Company You Keep LTBX

42) Beautiful Creatures

43) Struck by Lightning (DVD Verdict)

Struck By Lightning LTBX

44) The Lone Ranger (ScribeHard on Film)

Lone Ranger Armie Hammer LTBX

45) Star Trek Into Darkness (ScribeHard on Film)

Star Trek Into Darkness Chris Pine Zachary Quinto LTBX

46) Man of Steel (ScribeHard on Film)

Man of Steel Henry Cavill LTBX

47) Sharknado

48) Killing Lincoln (Cinema Sentries)

Killing Lincoln Billy Campbell Jesse Johnson LTBX

49) Side Effects

50) Evocateur: The Morton Downey Jr. Movie (Cinema Sentries)

Morton Downey Jr Flag LTBX

51) The Call (DVD Verdict)

The Call Halle Berry LTBX

52) Gangster Squad

53) One Direction: This Is Us

54) The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

55) Only God Forgives

56) Pain and Gain

57) Phantom (Cinema Sentries)

Phantom Ed Harris LTBX

58) Admission

59) Dark Skies

60) Jack the Giant Slayer (ScribeHard on Film)

Jack the Giant Slayer Ewan McGregor Eleanor Tomlinson Nicholas Hoult LTBX

61) jOBS (ScribeHard on Film)

jOBS Film Ashton Kutcher 5 LTBX

62) Oz the Great and Powerful (ScribeHard on Film)

Oz the Great and Powerful Wicked Witch Hand LTBX

63) Identity Thief

64) The Last Stand

65) Safe Haven

66) Highland Park

67) Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

68) generation Um (Cinema Sentries)

Generation Um Keanu Reeves LTBX

69) Movie 43 (Cinema Sentries)

Movie 43 Hugh Jackman LTBX

70) Face 2 Face (DVD Verdict)

Face2Face LTBX

71) Aleksandr’s Price (DVD Verdict)

Aleksandrs Price LTBX

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