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2013 tcm SUTS Blogathon Day 11: Henry Fonda

Welcome to DAY ELEVEN (it’s one more) of the 2013 TCM Summer Under the Stars blogathon!

Today we will spotlight bloggers who will spotlight the great Henry Fonda!

First, a little Henry Fonda trivia … According to IMDb (so it MUST be true), at age 76, Henry Fonda is the oldest recipient of a Best Actor Oscar. 

SUTS and Oscar: In addition to the honorary Oscar he was awarded in 1981, Henry Fonda has been nominated for three Oscars: Best Actor, 1940’s The Grapes of Wrath (lost to James Stewart for The Philadelphia Story); Best Picture, shared with Reginald Rose, 1957’s Twelve Angry Men (lost to Sam Spiegel for The Bridge on the River Kwai); Best Actor, 1981’s On Golden Pond (winner).

Now onto the blogging!

Henry Fonda Grapes of Wrath SUTS LTBX

Up first, Margaret from The Great KH is back with some great thoughts on, and quotes by, Fonda.

Carley is back, and so is The Moviola!  Check out her post on Fonda and Fail-Safe.

Check back throughout the day because there are MORE POSTS COMING!

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