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2013 tcm SUTS Blogathon Day 6: Joan Fontaine

Welcome to DAY SIX of the 2013 TCM Summer Under the Stars blogathon!

Today we will spotlight bloggers who will spotlight Joan Fontaine!

First, a little Fontaine trivia … According to IMDb (so it MUST be true), Joan Fontaine “… is a licensed pilot, champion balloonist, expert rider, prize-winning tuna fisherman, a hole-in-one golfer, Cordon Bleu chef and licensed interior decorator.”

SUTS and Oscar: Joan Fontaine has been nominated for three Oscars, winning one: Best Actress for 1940’s Rebecca (lost to Ginger Rogers for Kitty Foyle); Best Actress for 1941’s Suspicion (winner); Best Actress for 1943’s The Constant Nymph (lost to Jennifer Jones for The Song of Bernadette).

Now onto the blogging!

Joan Fontaine Suspicion SUTS LTBX

Next, Giles at Sometimes They Go To Eleven is back for his second straight day with his review of The Bigamist.

Cliff from Immortal Ephemera is back with a biography, review of her memoir No Bed of Roses, and a preview of her TCM lineup today. He also has written an excellent review of The Constant Nymph, one of Fontaine’s personal favorites.

2012 Blogathon alum Le from Critica Retro joins us this year with her look at the wonderful Letter From an Unknown Woman

2012 Blogathon alum Sean from The Joy and Agony of Movies joins us with his look at Fontaine’s performance in The Bigamist and Letter From an Unknown Woman

We are thrilled to have our good friends over at True Classics join us again this year for the Blogathon … and for their 500th post!  In it, Brandie delivers a great essay on Fontaine’s performance in Letter From an Unknown Woman

Terry from A Shroud of Thoughts makes his Blogathon debut with The 2nd Mrs. DeWinter: Joan Fontaine in Rebecca (1940).

Another 2012 Blogathon Alum, Jessica from Jess in a Yellow Dress, makes her 2013 debut with a piece on one of her favorite Fontaine performances.

Over at The Moviola, Diana looks at Joan Fontaine: Hitchcock’s First Leading Lady in Hollywood.

Check out Clara’s thoughts on Joan Fontaine over at Just Chick Flicks!

And definitely check out Backlots, where Lara offers a wonderful piece on Joan and Lilian Fontaine.

Check back soon for some great posts!


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