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Three is a Magic Number

Magic ThreeHappy New Year.

In You Say You Want a Resolution, I talked about rededicating myself to this site.  I want to go a little further than that, though.

2013 ends in a three.  I have three specific resolutions.  Those resolutions are based on the number three.  Hold up the three fingers between the pinky and the thumb and it looks like a W.  Those three resolutions happen to begin with W.

(You can see I put some stock into coincidences like this.)

WEIGHT – I want to lose 30 pounds in 2013.  That’s about how much I’ve gained in the last few years, thanks to a combination of Gluttony and Sloth (to go old school).  It’s time to give the scale a break.

WATCH – I want to watch 300 movies this year.  That’s pretty straight forward.  And I will count re-watches, because even though the film might be the same, the viewing experience is always different.

WRITE – I want to write 300,000 words this year.  A tall order, I know.  But those words will come in many forms: all reviews and musings here, research for Classic Screenings, my work for Filmoria and other sites, as well as any personal writings. (Note: I’m writing this on 12/31/12, so these 222 words don’t count.)

I will occasionally post my progress here – maybe once a month.  Look for the “Magic Number Three” tag.

Here goes nothing!


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