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2012 tcm SUTS Blogathon Day 17: Katharine Hepburn

Is Katharine Hepburn the greatest actress ever?  That’s up for debate, but she is certainly in the conversation.  Does this blogathon have the greatest bloggers ever?  YES!  And no debate is necessary!  Enjoy!

Leading off is Margaret Perry with a subject she knows a little bit about. 8 )  Margaret, she of The Great KH,  takes a look at today’s TCM’s Hepburn lineup and ranks them in order of quality.

Next, the ‘thon welcomes Kimberly of GlamAmor fame, with her look at Kate in Woman of the Year.

H.P. Oliver is back in the ‘thon house with his take on Bringing Up Baby.

Classic newsman Cliff from Immortal Ephemera covers how the press treated Hepburn after 1932’s A Bill of Divorcement.

Kristen from Journeys in Classic Film reflects on Hepburn’s performance in Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.

Then, Carrie at True Classics tells us why Katharine Hepburn is Awesome.

Ginny with Old Movies Nostalgia reviews Kate and Cary in Bringing Up Baby!

Jacqueline at Living Lola shows us The Tao of Hepburn.

And Jessica from Jess in a Yellow Dress gives us her view of Bringing Up Baby.

Also with a look at Bringing Up Baby is Kellee from Outspoken and Freckled!

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