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2012 tcm SUTS Blogathon Day 14: James Cagney

Whether playing a Public Enemy or a Yankee Doodle Dandy, Day 14’s James Cagney is an American original, and we’re happy to have great blogger write about him!

Up first, our public friend H.P. Oliver takes a look at Cagney in The Public Enemy.

Next, John from Twenty Four Frames returns to look at Cagney in the white-hot White Heat.

Le from Critica Retro is back with her 10 reasons to admire Cagney (don’t forget to hit the translate button!)

Karen from Shadows and Satin makes her blogathon debut with a fantastic essay White Heat: A Character Assassination

Cliff from Immortal Ephemera has collected a series of press clippings on Cagney.

Jessica at Comet Over Hollywood celebrates her two-year blogging anniversary, Cagney style!

Rich at Wide Screen World shows of his Cagney cartooning skills!

Anthony at Zeppo Marxist recounts his very own personal “Cagney Day

Cliff with Immortal Ephemera weighs in … and I mean WEIGHS in … with a heavy review of Smart Money.

And our dear, dear friend Carley with Kitty Packard offers her usual panache with James Cagney: The Ultimate Bad-Ass!


Over at 19Cooper01 you will find a great two-parter on Cagney – Pint-sized Powerhouse and Pugilistic Player!

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