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2012 tcm SUTS Blogathon Day 8: Rita Hayworth

We’re right about at the quarter turn of the blogathon and things are going strong, with many great pieces submitted and many more great pieces to come.  And for anyone out there who thinks it’s too late to join in, or it’s too late to add another entry … it isn’t!  We’ve still got 3+ more weeks of this wonder!

Today, only two words: Rita Hayworth.  Enjoy!

Kristen at Journeys in Classic Film looks at Rita Hayworth in one of her signature rolesGilda.

Next, Jessica at Comet Over Hollywood offers a Rita-themed beauty tip!

Calum, at Manalishi Films, reviews Rita in The Lady from Shagnai.

And 8-for-8 Cliff with Immortal Ephemera finds more fascinating facts in the newspapers of yesteryear.

And last there’s Brandie at True Classics, with her look at The Strawberry Blonde.

  1. August 8, 2012 at 10:43

    Hello again, Michael! Before I read today’s posts, I’ll send mine for tomorrow, about Toshiro Mifune: http://criticaretro.blogspot.com.br/2012/08/dupla-dinamica-akira-kurosawa-e-toshiro.html

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