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2012 tcm SUTS Blogathon Day 4: Marilyn Monroe

Welcome to Day Four.

We live in a world where female celebrities are known more by one name then by two; divas like Mariah, Angelina, Christina, and others rule the headlines. But in the history of fame, the single female celebrity who singularly deserves the singular name … Marilyn.

Let us waste no more time discussing this icon. Let’s let the bloggers take care of that for us.

We welcome Bobby Rivers to the blogathon with his look at Marilyn in a piece he calls Monroe & Merman: The Odd Couple.

We also welcome my friend Lesya from Eternity of Dream to the blogathon, with her look at Niagara.

H.P. Oliver is back! Today he takes that wonderful approach of his and applies it to The Seven Year Itch.

Also returning is Once Upon a Screen‘s Aurora with a glorious pictorial highlighting Marilyn’s career.

Up next, Sarah from TrueClassics looks at Marilyn and tries to get to know her.

Calum Campbell, of Manalishi Films, takes a look at an all-time classic, Some Like It Hot.

Cliff with Immortal Ephemera is at it again with more great classic news coverage!

The Lady Eve offers a wonderful look at Marilyn with Marilyn Monroe: Out of Dream

Anglea from The Hollywood Revue runs down her five favorite Monroe films

Jessica from Comet Over Hollywood joins us with a video submission

Le is back with a wonderful essay entitled Profiles of Women: Marilyn Monroe (note: hit the translate button at the bottom of the page)

R.C. from The Shades of Black and White has written a lovely piece entitled Just Marilyn

And my dear friend Carley of Kitty Packard weighs in with a a great entry: The Birth of an Actress: Marilyn Monroe in ‘Don’t Bother to Knock’

  1. August 4, 2012 at 07:19

    Thanks so much for hosting it! It made me want to get acquainted with more films with Marilyn and I’m sure it’ll be the case with other actors.

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