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Sunday Morning on Film – Playing Favorites

Not too long ago, I interviewed for a job, and when asked about my personal interests, I indicated that, among other things, I am an avid film buff and writer about film.  Because film, like the weather, is a safe conversation topic (unlike, say, politics or religion), the hiring manager stayed with it and asked me, “So, what’s your favorite movie?”

“I don’t have one,” I answered, and without hesitation.  I did not add that the question is my second-least favorite question of all time, bested only by the “If you were stranded on a deserted island …” hypothetical.

The manager eyed me with a hint of suspicion.  I presumed that she thought I was afraid to name a film that she might not have liked, thus potentially hindering my chances for employment.  During my 23-plus years wearing Corporate America’s golden handcuffs I have learned about political correctness in the workplace, but I would never allow a situation to sway my opinions on film, or quell the expression of those opinions (provided, of course, that all standard courtesies and rules of etiquette are followed).

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