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Whitney Houston: In Memoriam

When someone famous passes, particularly when it happens at an age that is decades before we might be less surprised by it, we are often left to ask “What if …?” The question wonders what other works the artist would have created if he/she had lived. The names of the people about whom we have asked this question – even if we limit the list only to those who left their fingerprints in the 1980s – reads like an all-star roll call:

John Belushi. River Phoenix. Stevie Ray Vaughan. Freddie Mercury. Jam Master Jay. Michael Jackson.

Sadly, we must add Whitney Houston to this list. Houston passed away on February 11 of causes yet to be reported (at the time of this writing). She was 48.

To ask the “What if …” question of Whitney Houston – Whitney Houston! – is difficult enough. What makes the question more tragic, more difficult to ask, is that it isn’t the first time we have asked it about her. Unlike the others whose names are on that gone-too-soon list, those stars who were at various highs in their careers when they left us, Houston’s star faded long ago, as she had fallen victim to substance abuse. We asked it then: What if …?

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