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1980s Movie Mt. Rushmore Part I: John Hughes

In the eight-year span between 1982 and 1989, John Hughes wrote, directed, and/or produced 16 movies.  Of those, the titles of 14 are still easily recognizable today, even by casual fans of ‘80s films.  And of those 14, at least three (The Breakfast Club; Ferris Bueller’s Day Off; Christmas Vacation) are culturally iconic.

In terms of box office clout, 10 of those 16 John Hughes films placed in the Top 20 for their respective years; five finished in the Top 10; and all 16 earned (after adjustments for inflation) a combined total in excess of $1 billion.

But those aren’t reasons why John Hughes had the impact he had on the generation of teens and young adults who flocked to see his movies in the 1980s; a generation of people who, along with their children, revisit those movies again and again 20-30 years later.

We loved John Hughes then, and we love him now, because he had an uncanny understanding of us.  And because Hughes was a writer first (of those 16 films, he wrote all 16), he was able to craft characters that we could relate to then … and now.

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